Healthy hot tub chemicals - spas safe for children ELIMINATES CHLORINE & BROMINE

Healthy Hot Tub Purifier
Healthy hot tub chemicals - spas safe for children
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CopperSpa Mineral Filter Insert
Filled with Ultra Zeobest

CopperSpa Health Kit

  • 99% Commercial Grade
  • EPA Registered Ultra Zeobest
  • 30% to 35% Certified Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Baking Soda
  • Vitamin-C
  • Sea Salt
  • Calcium

CopperSpa Mineral Filter Insert

CopperSpa has been designed with your health in mind. CopperSpa uses EPA registered, approved for public safety copper mesh that kills 99.9% of all bacteria that come in contact with in the first two hours. The CopperSpa tube encapsulates  Zeolite that has been treated with an EPA registered active waterborne pathogen destroyer, called Ultra Zeobest. CopperSpa will eliminate carcinogenic chemicals from your hot tub.

Use CopperSpa in conjunction with healthy household products to control levels in your hot tub.

Add as needed 30% to 35% Certified Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide for additional purifying. To raise PH levels use Baking Soda. To lower PH levels use generic Vitamin-C. To raise Calcium level add Calcium to lower Calcium use Sea Salt.

CopperSpa Mineral Filter Insert  in conjunction with these methods allows people to soak in healthy non-carcinogenic water.

CopperSpa eliminates harsh and harmful chemicals your body absorbs during hot tub use currently used in the hot tub industry. Simply replace CopperSpa when servicing your hot tub and changing the filter.

Mission Statement
CopperSpa is dedicated to eliminate toxic and carcinogenic chemicals absorbed by the public while soaking in their hot tubs. It is our aspiration at CopperSpa to revolutionize hot tub water purification in a healthy and responsible way.
CopperSpa products and recommended methods will lead to much healthier hot tub water purification and treatment.
Your family can finally feel safe enjoying a healthy hot tub.


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